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Our Mission

I'll be candid. The standards in safety are very low when it comes to the underground natural gas industry. Our mission is to elevate those standards industry wide.

We whole heartedly feel that every person

from the hard workers who provide their time and labor to install and maintain the gas lines, to the families that depend on the integrity of the gas lines that those workers have been entrusted to install the gas lines beneath your feet

all deserve to know that the safety and integrity of the gas lines is the priority.

Our team

Liza Sweet

Founder and President

I became involved in the natural gas industry in 2010 right after the San Bruno, CA gas line explosion. Having been born and raised in the Bay Area, this event hit us hard. There weren't many people in the bay area who weren't affected by those events

At the time I was a safety consultant for the regional utility that managed the San Bruno gas line, ironically enough, working on a pipeline safety enhancement project. These events gave cause to look at the standards and whether they were being met, not only by the utility, but by the thousands of contractors who are entrusted to install the gas lines beneath our feet. In addition to public safety, employee safety was at a critical

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